A good pillow improves your quality of life

The choice of pillow contributes significantly to a restful sleep. In combination with your mattress, your pillow is essential for your sleeping position and correct support of your spine.

EIt holds your head, supports your spine and prevents your neck muscles from being overstretched. Your pillow and mattress do more work than any other part of your bed. A pillow supports an average of 4.7 kg night after night (equivalent to the weight of an adult head), withstands up to 40 head movements and absorbs the heat and moisture released by the head.

In contrast to down, which is mainly used for warming purposes due to its fluffy and insulating nature, feathers have so-called quills

These curved quills are very elastic and stable. That is why feathers are the best and most popular filling material for pillows. Their supportive qualities are established worldwide.

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