Our passion

Our passion

We want to pass on our passion and knowledge for high-quality down duvets and down/feather pillows to our customers.

We want to apply all our knowledge, experience and expertise to the development and production of high-quality duvets and pillows.

Our own exclusive collection, designed from scratch, consists exclusively of duvets and pillows developed and handmade in Switzerland.

We take our knowledge and expertise of high-quality, handmade duvets and pillows and pass it on directly to the people who most appreciate high-quality products: you, our customers.

In today's digital age, we are giving a centuries-old traditional craft a new home.

At the same time, we want to offer full transparency about these wonderful, traditionally hand-crafted products.

We want to update and create new content on the subject of down duvets and feather pillows.

We want to improve our customers’ quality of sleep, and therefore their quality and enjoyment of life!

Because if you have a good bed, you sleep well. But those whose beds are better sleep (and live) better!

Our motivation

Our motivation

Over the last few years, the importance of duvets and pillows and their role in improving sleep quality and therefore quality of life has been increasingly marginalised by a multitude of cheap and unfortunately often low-quality products.

The disappearance of traditional specialist retailers has also led to a marked loss of purchasing and advisory quality in the traditional retail trade. Retailers are no longer able to bring really high-quality products into the shops at an affordable price.

Firstly, what you will find on the shelves as a consumer are products that buyers consider to be good, but first and foremost, profitable for them and their margin. Secondly, due to sales staffing being cut for cost reasons, there is often no one left "on the front line" who can provide competent advice to consumers.

As a result, we simply no longer feel any sense of joy when visiting a shop to buy a soft duvet or a good, firm pillow.

Furthermore, the advantages of high-quality duvets and pillows are unfortunately only known to a small circle of people today. Because for many people (including shop assistants) it is difficult to recognise the added value that a good duvet or the ideal pillow has to offer, not to mention communicate this to their customers.

Let's be honest: the price, which at first glance appears high, is often a major deterrent, and unfortunately the appeal of a cheap duvet, a cheap blanket or any old pillow has become widespread. This is exacerbated by the retailers’ confusing promotional activities, with increasingly cheaper products introduced to the market at ever higher margins (in their favour and to the disadvantage of the producers) and ever lower quality (to the disadvantage of the consumer).

It’s a vicious circle where ultimately you lose out: as a consumer, you have very little chance of getting a really good product at an affordable price.

Producers have little opportunity to manufacture really good products anymore, because they are forced to resort to inferior qualities in order to sell their goods at the price the market demands.

And the retail trade also loses out in the end because more and more consumers choose not to visit their stores anymore. With good reason.

And this is exactly where duvetsuisse.com enters the picture.

Because we sell exclusively to end consumers. By cutting out the middleman, we pass the savings directly to our customers

Our values

Our values

Over 50% of all blankets and pillows sold in Europe come from Asia. The average purchase price for a duvet from Far Eastern factories is less than 15 euros; for a pillow, 5 euros.

Although synthetic products dominate, down and feather products are also imported at low prices and introduced to the market by retailers as supposedly good deals.

As nobody educates consumers, they are unaware of the real differences in quality and price and are fooled by convincing but meaningless sales arguments. The low sales price is a further factor, and in no time the supposedly cheap duvet or pillow has been added to the physical or virtual shopping trolley.

The origins of the materials used, and the occasionally disastrous production conditions are usually successfully ignored by the consumer in these moments.

Only disturbing TV images of unsuitable working conditions or abused animals appeal to the conscience. And then we may become aware that these supposedly cheap products effectively come at a very high cost.

This can be prevented by conscious consumption on the part of the individual consumer.

duvetsuisse.com strongly dissociates itself from exploitative production conditions. The social, animal welfare and ecological concerns of the entire value chain are important to us. And we don't just talk about them, we also take action

Our basic principles

Our basic principles

Uncompromising Swiss Quality

Thank you for choosing a duvetsuisse.com product. A good night’s sleep and a better quality of life are clearly important to you!

Our high-quality down duvets and feather pillows are produced exclusively at traditional Swiss manufacturing plants

We guarantee:

  • Careful manufacturing
  • Constant quality control
  • Use of carefully selected fillings
  • High-quality fabrics

Quality at the highest level

A comfortable bed means better sleep. Good down duvets and pillows improve your sleep... and a good night’s sleep improves your quality of life!

Our products are filled with genuine natural raw materials of certified, traceable origin, giving you optimum sleep conditions and a clear conscience.

We select our down and feathers with the utmost care because only the best is good enough for a top-class duvet or pillow: large, fluffy European down or supportive, springy feathers from adult animals.

Our covers, made of excellent long-staple cotton, also meet the highest quality requirements and – in combination with the high-quality filling – ensure a wonderful night’s sleep.

Fairness for humans and animals alike

The following principles determine what we do:

  • Outstanding quality
  • True craftsmanship
  • Clear values & standards
  • Certified sustainable production
  • Renewable, natural raw materials

The down and feathers used in our products are exclusively of European origin. Down and feathers are a by-product of meat production. The entire production chain is certified according to the highest international standards - DOWNPASS®.

The raw material is carefully washed with fresh spring water in accordance with Switzerland’s highest quality standards, gently dried and then sorted using traditional methods.

The quality and hygienic purity of the down and feathers are constantly tested by independent laboratories.

Our origins 

Our origin

duvetsuisse.com products are manufactured exclusively in Switzerland. Our high-quality down duvets and feather pillows are produced in traditional Swiss factories according to the highest quality standards.

Every duvet and pillow that leaves our site has been filled with the very best down or feathers, sewn, quilted and lovingly caressed in many steps by experienced hands.

This begins with the careful selection of down and feathers, because only the best is good enough for a top-quality duvet or pillow: large down clusters, goose or duck down with good fill power or strong, flexible feathers.

The down and feathers used in our products come exclusively from European sources. They are a by-product of meat production. The entire process chain is certified according to the highest international standards.

We strive for the highest possible quality. We focus on our passion for the very best duvets and pillows on offer.

We have moral and ethical principles regarding the development, production and distribution of our products, which are important to us and which are an integral part our corporate culture.

Our efficiency

Our efficiency

As an Internet retailer, our economies of scale and low-cost structure ensure an effective distribution system that guarantees exquisite products of the highest quality at affordable prices.

Thanks to the elimination of the middleman and the absence of high intermediary sales margins, we pass on the savings directly to our customers. Conventional shops simply cannot offer such prices for high-quality duvets and pillows.

We go beyond the limits of the ordinary. The more use you get out of our products, the more attention to detail you will discover. For us, duvets and pillows are not just everyday objects, they are cultural objects that make a significant contribution to improving quality of life.

We work exclusively with high-quality Swiss production companies, therefore supporting the Swiss economy. In these companies, true masters of bedding production are at work.

Our contribution to the environment

Our contribution to the environment

Our products are made of renewable raw materials and are practically 100% biodegradable. They find their way back into the natural cycle when properly disposed of.

Our packaging is also environmentally friendly: the bags are made of recycled PET and are optimised to be as economical as possible in terms of resources.

They are also designed to be very light, reusable and space-saving.

Our transparency

Our transparency

We play just a small role in the value chain of these wonderful products, but we want to make all our knowledge and skills available to all our partners. Because we are convinced that people who are better informed enjoy the products more. Transparency and information are meaningful and motivating.

This applies to every stage of the value chain, whether in the preparation of raw materials, development, production or marketing and sales. All our efforts in this regard have only one goal: to offer our customers the best possible product at the best possible price.

We have no expensive headquarters or expensive locations. We have a very flat organization and know the people who make our duvets and pillows personally.

We know the exact origin of our materials and have them inspected regularly. We do not have our products sent to our customers via anonymous logistics centres - we take care of the shipping ourselves.

All our employees are treated with respect. Nobody is expected to work below the minimum wage.

From development to production and delivery, the greatest possible transparency is important to us.

Our materials

Our materials

We make no compromises with the materials we use. Our raw materials (down and feathers) are exclusively from Europe (mainly Poland and Hungary), and are obtained from animals that have been bred for meat production.

The raw material is pre-washed and delivered to Switzerland. Here it is carefully washed with fresh Swiss spring water, dried, steamed, and then sorted in large sorting machines according to traditional methods, taking into account the degree of soiling, pH and oxygen values, as well as the fat content and fill power of the material, in accordance with the highest quality standards.

The freshly washed and sorted fillings (down and feathers) are checked for hygiene, fill power and fat content in our own laboratory. The quality of the blend is also decisive. As this is a natural product whose quality can vary depending on its origin, random samples of each filling are analysed and tested, down by down.

After passing the test, the down and feathers are processed into soft duvets and luxurious pillows by experts in traditional duvet and pillow production.

The covers used for our products are all made of first-class cotton fabrics that have been specially developed and produced to meet our high-quality standards.

Our products

Our products

Our items are products for everyday use. They must consistently perform, every night. Our products are therefore designed to provide the highest possible comfort, durability and compatibility.

The ability to pinpoint the ideal combination of materials in order to meet the desired standards fulfil the design is the result of decades of experience in the development and production of bedding.

We concentrate on the essentials and offer a concentrated range of excellent down duvets and pillows. This allows us to pay the utmost attention to the details of each individual product.

Each product is unique and made to order. This means that our customers receive a brand new item produced especially for them, while at the same time avoiding costs (for stock management, depreciation, etc.) that would otherwise make our products more expensive.

Our manufacturers’ highly experienced employees love the duvets and pillows they produce. Once an order has been received, the items are produced with the greatest care and dedication in accordance with industry standards in a meticulously planned production process.

Our understanding of hygiene

Our understanding of hygiene

The human body is exposed to duvets and pillows for an average of seven hours a day.

That’s why duvetsuisse.com sets itself the highest goals in terms of perfect hygiene. Uncompromising hygiene and cleanliness are decisive arguments for our Swiss products.

The majority of the down and feathers traded worldwide are washed with regenerated industrial water. This can leave a bad smell, which is preserved by the raw material due to its high fat content. Aggressive detergents and/or synthetic fragrances are used to remedy this deficiency.

With duvetsuisse.com it is different:

The down and feathers used for our bedding are carefully washed with fresh, high-quality Swiss spring water and a pH-neutral detergent before the actual production process and disinfected at the same time during the drying process.

The washing and drying processes are carried out very gently in order to keep the valuable filling material pure and downy. The quality and hygienic purity of the down and feathers are constantly tested by both in-house and independent laboratories.

We do not use any used down and feathers for our fillings (no so-called couchée material). Our duvets and pillows are therefore guaranteed to contain exclusively new down and feathers.

Our promise:"new"

Our promise

As duvets and pillows must remain hygienic, we do not compromise on hygiene when it comes to finished products.

Our customers have a right to new and unused duvets and pillows. Without exception, these are produced individually to order (no stock keeping).

We therefore do not accept returns of used or opened articles. This may not seem a popular choice at first, but otherwise we would be forced to sell the returned product to another customer as "new". This would mean that we could not keep our promise to our customers

As a result, we do not accept returned products if the seal is broken or the protective film is damaged.

Our guarantee

Our guarantee

Guarantee and identification of the product

Great care is taken in the manufacturing of all our products. If, however, you notice any material or manufacturing defects within three years of purchase, we will replace your item free of charge.

Every product comes with its own warranty and identification booklet.

Please keep this booklet in a safe place. The label on the last page corresponds to the one sewn into the duvet on the brand label and contains the identification data of this valuable product.

Production time and shipping

The items you order will be produced with the utmost care, especially for you. The production time is 2-3 working days, after which they are immediately dispatched to your delivery address.

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