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May 3, 2021
Post by: Sandro Corpina

Our all-rounder pillow: «All in One Flexi»

The "All in One Flexi" pillow can be individually adjusted. It is the ideal pillow for everyone.

The "All in One Flexi" pillow consists of 2 pillows; a soft outer pillow with down filling (for lying comfort) and a removable inner cushion filled with supportive feathers (for the supporting effect). The inner pillow can be filled with more, or less feathers. A resealable refill bag with feathers is supplied with each pillow. Both pillows can be easily opened and closed with a zipper.

Pillow with adjustable support

The outer and inner pillows can be washed independently of each other. By the way: All our pillows can easily be washed at home with a mild detergent in the washing machine and dried in the dryer. Click here for washing instructions: Washing and drying of down and feather products.

We offer the "All in One Flexi" pillow in 3 qualities: Premium, Top and Standard. These differ in the quality of the outer pillow (content and cover).

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logo All in One Flexi Premium
logo All in One Flexi Top
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