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December 8, 2020
Post by: Sandro Corpina

Chilling or sweating at night? - Both do not have to be!
Choosing the right duvet is not an easy matter and is crucial for a good night's sleep.
Is your duvet too cold or too warm for you? With our duvet finder you will find the duvet of your dreams!

Find the right degree of warmth
Simply click on the appropriate field and select the quality in the web shop (Premium, Top, Standard or Basic).



Particularly light duvet Light duvet Mittleres Duvet Warm duvet 4-seasons duvet (medium + very light duvet)
Very low heat demand (or summer months) Super Light (Light)     Super Warm (4-Seasons)
Low heat demand (or summer months) (Super Light) Light (Medium)   Super Warm (4-Seasons)
Normal heat requirement (for all seasons)     Medium   Super Warm (4-Seasons)
High heat demand, as well as for transitional and winter months     (Medium) Warm Super Warm (4-Seasons)
Very high heat requirement, as well as for winter months       Warm Super Warm (4-Seasons)

In case of uncertainty: it is better to choose one heat level less than one more.

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