Sleep well thanks to hygiene and cleanliness

February 3, 2020
Post by: Sandro Corpina

A good, restful sleep is of central importance for health. The right duvet and pillow play a major role here.

Hygiene is crucial for bedding because our bodies come into contact with a duvet or pillow for about seven hours a day.

That's why we at duvetsuisse.com have the highest standards of hygiene. Uncompromising cleanliness and safety are crucial.

The "Swiss Wash" label guarantees that the down and feathers have been carefully washed, dried and disinfected with fresh, high-quality Swiss spring water according to the strictest hygiene standards. The washing and drying process is carried out very gently to keep the valuable filling material particularly pure and downy.

We only use natural and certified sustainable materials.

Swiss production of the highest quality.

Find out more: https://duvetsuisse.com/en/swiss-wash

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