A good duvet improves your quality of life

A good duvet is important because it has a significant influence on the quality of your sleep. It balances moisture and temperature well and improves the conditions of your sleep. It ensures that you are neither too hot nor to cold, but can rest in a dry, pleasantly warm and cosy sleeping environment.

Our duvets contain exclusively high-quality down. Down with large clusters and high fill power has a very high insulation capacity and breathability. It absorbs moisture and releases it continuously to the outside air. It regulates the moisture balance of a sleeping person optimally and creates the perfect sleeping conditions.

Down is very soft, elastic and has high fill power. This means that even if you compress it strongly and then release it, it always recovers its original shape and size. Even with the most modern technology, the properties of down such as heat insulation, breathability and strength cannot be produced industrially.

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