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Our packaging: Bags made of recycled PET

The white, attractive, and practical resealable bag made of recycled PET protects the valuable contents from dirt and light moisture. Its special texture allows the natural materials of your duvet and pillow to breathe and recover.

With this ingeniously simple, friendly, environmentally friendly, lightweight, and reusable packaging, we save around 40% in energy and transport costs compared to the usual bulky plastic/fleece bags with wire - and pass this saving on to our customers. Good for the environment and the wallet, and moreover practical too.


If you don't need your duvet or pillow for a longer period, simply put it back into its original packaging! Because the resealable bag made of recycled PET is ideal for storing your duvets and pillows that you don't need now. The special texture of the bag allows the natural materials of your bedding to breathe and recover.

Simply allow the duvet or pillow to air out for at least a day before packing, then carefully roll it up, slide it into the bag, pull the cord and store it in a clean, dry place to save space. This way your duvets and pillows will give you many years of pleasure.

Guarantee Booklet - Brand Label with ID

We enclose a separate warranty and identification booklet with every product. Keep this booklet in a safe place. You will find the label with the unique identification of your product sewn inside the brand label plus on the penultimate page of the guarantee booklet.

If, despite all due care, material or processing defects should have crept in, we will provide a perfect replacement within three years of purchase. And of course, we are there for you even after the warranty period has expired.

Short production time and free shipping

The article you want is produced with the utmost care especially for you in a traditional Swiss company. The production time is usually two to three working days, with immediate dispatch to your delivery address. Shipping is free of charge within Switzerland and Liechtenstein by Swiss Post.

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