To buy a duvet

Want to buy a duvet! But why are there such price differences?

Duvet kaufen! Aber… wie entstehen die Preisunterschiede?

Different qualities of down duvets lead to large price differences and can cause uncertainty when buying bedding.

Down with large flakes insulates better than down with small flakes. It is therefore more expensive but offers better sleeping comfort and has a longer life span.

In addition, they have a high filling power, i.e. the ability to recover after being compressed and take on their original shape. Therefore, they are also more expensive.

Low-priced duvets are filled with down of lower filling power, they usually have a shorter life span, are heavier and offer less sleeping comfort.

The covers of higher quality duvets are made of finer and lighter fabrics. These transport moisture better to the down and can be simply washed.

Low-priced down duvets often have a higher feather content and are not as comfortable as duvets with a high down content.

How do I find the right duvet for me?

Wie kaufe ich das richtige Duvet für mich?

There are still people who believe that the quality of a duvet should be judged by its filling weight: the heavier, the better. But that is not true. There are different filling materials with different specifications. A high-quality filling - loose, elastic, strong and dimensionally stable - has better thermal properties than an inferior one.

When choosing a duvet, the personal need for warmth and body size are the most important factors. Depending on your preferences, you can then choose from a variety of fillings, covers, sizes and designs the combination that suits your sleeping habits.

With your body stretched out, the duvet should lie well on both sides and extend from the chin to about 20 cm beyond the feet. For body sizes over 175 cm we recommend the comfort length of 240 cm.

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