To buy a pillow

Buying pillows – what do you need to pay attention to?

Duvet kaufen! Aber… wie entstehen die Preisunterschiede?

Finding the right pillow is challenging. The pillow plays a major role in how well the body can relax while sleeping.

The first thing that matters is your own lying and sleeping position. The basic principle is that the body should be able to adopt exactly the same position when lying down as when standing naturally.

For this purpose, the shoulder must be able to sink into the mattress far enough so that the upper body does not bend at the sides.

For side sleepers, the head should be able to maintain a 90-degree position towards the shoulders to relieve the neck. The cavity between the head and the mattress must be able to be filled by the pillow. It should be accordingly high or low.

How do I find the right pillow?

Wie finde ich das richtige Kissen?

A large pillow presents itself beautifully on the bed and you can snuggle in wonderfully. However, side sleepers in particular should prefer a pillow that is not too large and provides more support. This makes it easier for side sleepers to support only their head and not their shoulders as well. In any case, the shoulder should lie on the mattress.

Supporting strength
Depending on the sleeping position, mattress hardness and shoulder width, you are more likely to choose a deeper, softer or higher and more filled pillow.

Sleeping position
To ensure that the pillow provides proper support, you as a back sleeper should make sure that the space between your back and head is well filled. As a side sleeper, you simply check whether the area between the shoulders and head is sufficiently supported. If you sleep on your stomach, you should rather get a simple flat pillow.

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