Neck Support Medium Premium

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Down pillow: 70% new, pure, european duck down, white; medium clusters with high fill power quality. 30% new, pure, european downy feathers. Swissnorm + Euronorm. DOWNPASS®.
Neck roll: 100% new, pure, small european goose feathers, white. Swissnorm + Euronorm. DOWNPASS®. 


Down pillow: 100% cotton, batiste, soft, bright white
Neck roll: 100% cotton, twill, soft sarcenet, white

Level of support
Medium supportive
Fill weight
420 g + 100 g
  • Swiss Made
  • Swiss Wash
  • Hydrophilic
  • Down
  • Down Pillow
  • Level of support: Supersoft
  • Washable at 60° C

The Neck Support Medium Premium - pillow is an excellent, ergonomically shaped neck support pillow with integrated neck roll.

Thanks to its waved shape, the pillow adapts perfectly when lying on its side, supporting the neck, head and chin - but not the shoulder, which can lie freely on the mattress. This provides the important relief in the neck and shoulder area: no more tension due to a bend in the neck!

While the outer pillow is filled with soft down to comfortably bed the head, a removable neck roll filled with supportive feathers inside the pillow provides good support in the neck area: an ideal combination of pleasant softness and supportive properties. This relaxes the neck and shoulder area and provides ideal relief for the spine.

The Neck Support Medium Premium is mainly suitable for side and back sleepers and ideal for people with a petite to medium physique (height of pillow: 7 cm). The integrated neck roll (6.5 x 40 cm) can be removed, if necessary, for example for washing. The pillow can be used on both sides because the zipper for the integrated neck roll is on the side and does not interfere.

This innovative, two-piece neck support pillow is made of 100% natural, high-quality and sustainable raw materials and is handmade in Switzerland with great love and care in a tradition that goes back decades.

The outer pillow consists of 70% new pure, European duck down with a high filling power and 30% new pure, European, fine duck feathers. The supporting neck roll consists of 100% new, pure, European, white goose feathers.

The down and feathers come from adult, healthy animals that are bred exclusively in Europe. They comply with both the European standard (SN/EU 12934) and the stricter Swiss standard (VSB 2.0) and are DOWNPASS® certified.

The internationally renowned DOWNPASS® certification guarantees animal-friendly rearing. DOWNPASS® certified products stand for high quality and the assurance that the down and feathers used as fill material have been ethically produced and come from strictly controlled and traceable supply chains. In addition, the quality of all products is monitored by independent testing institutes.

The down and feathers are carefully washed with fresh, pure spring water in Switzerland, gently dried and sorted before being used to professionally fill the pillows.

The cover of the outer pillow is made of 100% cotton in a high-quality white, fine, soft, peached (extra soft feel) Swiss Batiste and perfectly matched to the high down quality of the contents. It is made of exclusive, long staple cotton with a down-proof weave and yet very breathable. The hydrophilic fabric ensures rapid moisture wicking (no sweating). Due to its special mechanical treatment, the fabric has a particularly soft feel and does not rustle. The cover of the neck roll is made of 100% cotton in a high-quality Sarcenet fabric.

All fabrics are down and feather-proof, soft, hydrophilic (moisture compensating) and breathable. NOMITE® natural protection against mites also prevents mites from penetrating the pillow. This makes this pillow completely harmless even for allergy sufferers.

This ergonomically shaped neck support pillow with integrated and removable neck roll offers you excellent sleeping comfort and ensures a relaxed sleep.

  • Washable at 60° C
  • Do not bleach
  • Tumbler, normal
  • Do not iron
  • Dry cleaning

Our down and feather products can be washed in a gentle cycle with a high water level and little drum movement. Best washed individually and at temperatures of up to 60 degrees. Pay attention to the washing symbol on the care label
We recommend that you wash the down duvet every 1-2 years.

Always wash bedding separately and individually. Select temperature according to care symbols. From 40° to 60° C. Please note that duvets must never be treated with softener.

After washing, the down and feather products must be tumbled gently, preferably with the addition of a used (clean) tennis ball. This ensures that the down and feather contents are regularly shaken up in the tumbler during the drying process. Dryer temperature approx. 100° C.

Shake the pillow daily
You can shake the pillow vigorously in the morning and pat it with your flat hand. The compressed down and feathers spread and can breathe again and recover.

Do not cover the pillow (and duvet)
If possible, do not cover the bedding with a bedspread. They must be able to breathe.

Please ventilate bedrooms daily
Your pillows need a lot of fresh air in the morning. It has absorbed a lot of moisture during your sleep, which it must release again. And your pillow wants to get rid of the heat. So take it away from the bed (it has stored the warmth of the night) and place it on a chair.

No sun, no fog
Put your pillow out in the fresh air, but don't leave it in the sun too long. The sun removes the fat from the down and feathers and dries them out. Please do not hang the pillow in the fog either, otherwise too much moisture will be absorbed.

No violence
A vacuum cleaner or carpet beater is not good for your pillow! At most, they damage the fabric of the fabric, and the dust cannot escape either. So it doesn't do any good! It is much better to simply hang the pillow in the fresh air.

Please change your bed linen regularly
Changing bed linen every two weeks is ideal.

Recycled PET bags
The attractive and practical reclosable bag made of recycled PET protects the valuable contents from dirt and light moisture.
Due to its special texture, the natural materials of your duvet and pillow can breathe and recover.
If you do not need your duvet or pillow for a longer period of time, pack it in this bag and store it in a clean, dry place.
It will give you many years of pleasure.


Shipping and Returns
The article you want will be produced with the utmost care especially for you. The production time is 2-3 working days, after which it will be sent immediately to your delivery address.

Shipments within Switzerland and Liechtenstein are free of shipping costs.

On receipt, please compare the information on the delivery note with that on the label in the guarantee booklet (last page) before removing the seal or tearing open the protective film.

Since duvets and pillows are hygienic articles, they cannot be taken back if the seal is opened or the protective film is damaged.

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