Full service (regeneration of down duvets)

Down and feathers absorb a lot of body moisture (up to 1 liter per night), which they release again during the day when airing out. As salts and minerals also enter the bedding together with the moisture, the down and feathers gradually lose their filling power.

It therefore makes sense and preserves the value of both washable and non-washable duvets to have them professionally regenerated every 5-6 years.

Our full service:

  • The old down duvet is emptied and the old cover is disposed of.
  • The filling is washed, cleaned and dried.
  • Damaged filling is removed in the sorting chamber.
  • The cleaned contents are replaced with new material as required.
  • The filling thus regenerated is filled into a new duvet cover. Afterwards the duvet is as good as new and absolutely hygienic.
  • We will send you back the regenerated duvet.

Please note that for an exact quotation we have to examine the duvet in advance.

Please contact us for a free quote. Please note that for an exact offer, the duvet must be inspected by the manufacturer in advance.

We will be pleased to submit you an offer free of charge.

Tel.: 031 506 15 32

Mail: service@duvetsuisse.com

Depending on degree of soiling and usage, approx.: ab CHF 250
The prices include VAT.  


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