Sandro Corpina, Managing Director

"We want to bring our unique service directly to the customer without delay"

Sandro Corpina, a business economist by profession, has worked for over 25 years as a director and manager in the retail trade and as a managing director and board member for various retailers and producers of home textiles and bedding.

The idea of developing his own, clearly structured collection of high quality yet affordable duvets and pillows was born during a walk through a bedding section of a department store in the city centre: confusing offer, lack of advice, poor information. The same desolate picture showed up on the Internet.

How should it be possible for a customer to find the "right" duvet or pillow for him?

Conversations with family, colleagues, friends and customers confirmed the impression gained: buying bedding is not really fun for anyone anymore. The specialist trade, which has been cut down in recent years, could not be replaced by the department stores. A lot of specialist knowledge and advisory skills were lost. Even the Internet did not bring the expected blessing: Even more (cheap) offers, even less clarity. The consumer cannot distinguish good from bad bedding and is left alone with his desire for information, transparency and advice.

Thus, the requirements for the duvetsuisse.com range were quickly defined:

  • Absolute transparency and information for the customer
  • Transparency, clarity and simplicity in the selection
  • No compromises in the quality and sustainability of raw materials
  • Swiss production and total hygiene
  • Traceability of each individual product
  • Production to order and delivery within 48 hours
  • And... unbeatable prices for equal quality

Within six months, Sandro Corpina turned his vision into reality: "We want to bring our unique performance directly to the customers without delay and improve their sleep quality. And we do this exclusively with Swiss quality products that are affordable for everyone," he says about the philosophy in his company.

Together with the innovative digital marketer Martin (Tinu) Hochuli, Sandro Corpina founded Tinusan AG, which is the operator of the duvetsuisse.com web shop. Also on board are his wife Franziska and Jean Claude Waeber, successful entrepreneur, marketing and sales specialist and long-time friend and business partner of Sandro Corpina.

"It is a passion of all of us: duvets and pillows as well as sleeping", says Sandro Corpina with a smile.

The motto of duvetsuisse.com:

If you have a good bed, you sleep well. But those whose beds are better sleep (and live) better!

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