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May 22, 2020
Post by: Sandro Corpina

Bedding the customers on down                        

Report in the weekly newspaper for the Emmental and Entlebuch of 16.4.2020



Copy of the article (translation in English by duvetsuisse.com)


Oberdiessbach: The start-up Tinusan AG sells down duvets and pillows. It wants to score with Swiss quality and an affordable price.

"There is no better filling material than down," enthuses Sandro Corpina. No other material insulates and absorbs better and is at the same time so light and cuddly. The managing director of Tinusan AG must know, because the 55-year-old has worked for years as a member of management in the retail trade and as a manager and board member for manufacturers of duvets and pillows. After 25 years in employment, the business economist wanted to become self-employed and founded Corpina Consulting GmbH, a management consulting and coaching company, together with his wife Franziska in 2018. Last year, however, the decision matured to make a dream come true. Together with the computer scientist Martin (Tinu) Hochuli, Corpina founded Tinusan AG at the beginning of the year. His wife Franziska and Jean Claude Waeber, a long-standing business partner of Sandro Corpina, are also on board.


Production in Switzerland

Together, the four created their own brand Duvetsuisse.com, under which they offer "top quality duvets and pillows made in Switzerland". Top quality means, among other things, that the certified European down, which comes exclusively from dead animals, is washed in Switzerland and individually blended according to customer requirements, explains Sandro Corpina. The duvet or pillow ordered is then made up by a Swiss bedding manufacturer and sent directly to the customer. "Since the distances are short, we can guarantee a delivery date of 48 hours", says the managing director. Incidentally, there is hardly any down to be bought in Switzerland, since nowhere else are ducks and geese fattened on a large scale. "Only water birds have down," Corpina explains. Chicken feathers, on the other hand, cannot be used as filling.


Exposition in Oberdiessbach

As an old hand in the business, Sandro Corpina knows the tricks of the trade. The price of the bedding depends heavily on the origin and quality of the down, but also on the margin. This is exactly where he sees his opportunity: "Because we sell the duvets directly, there is no margin between us and the sales shops. Therefore, despite their high quality, their prices are moderate. It is also important to the company that its customers always receive new products, Corpina stresses. For this reason, it is not possible to return ordered duvets with opened packaging. Tinusan AG sells its duvets and pillows exclusively via the Internet. There is also a showroom in Oberdiessbach, at Bahnhofstrasse 15 (Alte Mosterei). Actually, this should have been opened in March. But at the worst conceivable moment the corona virus came. Therefore, the doors have to remain closed for the time being. Telephone advice and sales via the Internet are of course still possible, Sandro Corpina assures. After all, his customers should be able to sleep well despite the virus.

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