Never again a (painful) «kink» in the neck

June 7, 2021
Post by: Sandro Corpina

A correct sleeping position prevents tension and pain in the shoulder/neck area, - a pressure relief for the whole body!


Correct sleeping position

  • The pillow is the right height and fits my body. It exactly fills the gap between my head and mattress.
  • The shoulder rests freely on the mattress and sinks in lightly.
  • The head rests freely on the pillow.
  • The neck is relaxed, the spine is in a straight line with the head and neck.


Wrong sleeping position

  • The pillow is too high - as a result the head is bent upwards.
  • Or the pillow is too low - as a result the head is bent downwards.
  • The shoulder may also be resting on the pillow.
  • The head and neck are bent upwards. Or they make a «kink» downwards: Both can lead to tension.
  • The spine is bent sideways, which can lead to tension and back pain.

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