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June 25, 2020
Post by: Sandro Corpina

Today: a very light duvet (Superlight, warmth rate 1 of 5)

The identical duvet at is CHF 320 (44%) cheaper than the competition! - How is that possible? is unbeatable in direct quality/price comparison.

Sandro Corpina, Managing Director of, explains how this is possible despite its Swiss origin:

While the price of bedding of course is dependent on the origin and quality of raw materials and the production location, it unfortunately also depends primarily on the margins of the major retailers:

"Since we sell the duvets and pillows directly, there is no margin between us and the sales transactions."

A large part of this saving is invested in product quality, the rest is passed on directly by to its customers: they pay up to 40% less for the same quality*.

Each product is produced to order and delivered to your home comfortably and safely within 3 days by post. Freight free from Fr. 150.

Comparative table (17.6.2020)



In a second comparison, on 23.6.2020, the “LUGANO LEICHTE KASSETTENDECKE" by Christian Fischbacher on the was suddenly 795.54 CHF.

In return, the supplier grants a "feel-good discount" of 10% on the "whole range" until 30 June 2020.


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