Request from a customer: Live plucking?

February 5, 2020
Post by: Sandro Corpina

The question submitted on 22.4.2020 by Ms M. from R.:


Wanted to know if your feathers are plucked alive and if not, if they are certified.



Our answer:

Dear Mrs M.

Thank you very much for your inquiry, which I am very happy to answer.

No live plucking

For our duvets and pillows we do not use any material from so-called moulting or live plucking.

Our down and feathers come exclusively from Europe (mainly Poland and Hungary), and are taken from animals bred for meat production.

The animals are kept in an animal-friendly way and are already dead when they are plucked.

See also: https://duvetsuisse.com/en/knowledge/animal-welfare


Animal-friendly rearing is guaranteed by the internationally recognized DOWNPASS® certification.

DOWNPASS® products stand for high quality and the assurance that the down and feathers used as fill material have been ethically produced and come from strictly controlled and traceable supply chains.

This means that you will not find down and feathers from live plucking or foie gras production in our bedding products.

The rearing of the animals and the quality of the filling materials are monitored by independent testing institutes.

See also: https://www.downpass.com/en/homepage/

I hope I have been of service to you with these answers and will be happy to answer any further questions you may have at any time.


Best regards,

Sandro Corpina

Managing Director

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