No returns of duvets and pillows - with good reason!

May 5, 2020
Post by: Sandro Corpina

We do not accept any returns of duvets and pillows*

I am often asked why we at do not accept returns of duvets and pillows. Other distributors do that as well! They let their customers try out their bedding, mattresses and home textiles for a shorter or longer period of time, and if they don't "fit", you can simply return them after use.

Our opinion on this:

For normal, non-hygiene-sensitive everyday products, this may be a good and practical thing for customers: You get the ordered pen or coat or sneakers, try them out for a few days and then send them back. Or you can have a selection sent to you and keep only what you like.

The mail order companies even elevate this practice to a marketing strategy and emphasize it as particularly customer friendly. Even though they are cheating their customers and in some cases, they are even ruining themselves.

Or think about it: Has it ever occurred to one of the above-mentioned suppliers to take back a deodorant, underwear, bandages or medication just because it does not "fit" the customer?

Has it? Why not?

Right. These items are hygiene products. No customer would buy a used deodorant roller, a foreign toothbrush or worn underwear. So, the dealer won't even take them back.

Because one thing is clear: Whoever takes back products, does not throw them away! He checks them - if at all - for optical soiling (visible stains), packs them up fresh in his logistics centres, possibly seals them again to give the impression of "unused" - and resells them to the next customer!

And the "next" customer? – Well, the next customer gets a supposedly new product, which has often already been used by one (or more) previous customers.

My personal view:

For hygiene products such as duvets and pillows, under or on which one spends seven hours or more per day in close skin and body contact, this is an absolute "no go".

That's why our terms and conditions say: Since our products are hygiene products, they can only be returned if the goods are in unused and original packaging. In particular, the protective film must not be removed from the product and/or the seal (red tape) must not be broken.

In contrast to other mail-order companies, we do not take back products if they have been opened and/or used.

In our opinion, there are some very good reasons for this, which have become even more important especially in today's world.


When it comes to hygiene, we make no compromises. We want to supply   exclusively  and always  only hygienically  perfect  products . Products that have been in close contact with the skin and body for so long, like duvets and pillows, must not be resold from one customer to the next.

Customer orientation

Our customers are sacred to us. We believe that each of our customers has the right to a new and unused product. Nobody must be deceived. Nobody can assume that he/she will receive a used product when he/she has ordered a new one and pays for a new one.


We produce every product to order, exactly as the customer wants it. This way we can guarantee that each product is a custom-made product and is shipped to our customers within 48 hours after production.


Our efforts have only one goal: to offer our customers the best possible product at the best possible price.

We do not have logistics centres, nor do we have warehouses for finished goods. We do not re-pack used goods so that they can be resold as new. We do not sell used products!

Social and ecological responsibility

We reject exploitative production conditions. This also applies to economic and ecological concerns throughout the entire value chain. We want to operate sustainably and always in the interest of our customers.


For that I personally guarantee



Sandro Corpina

Managing Director




In order to give our customers a control possibility nevertheless, we attach a copy of the identity label to all our products. This allows you to check the correctness of the delivered goods before opening them and compare them with the order.

*Of course, this rule does not apply in warranty cases. Our guarantee on duvets and pillows is 3 years.


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