Care of duvet and pillow

Washing and drying of down and feather products

Washing and drying of down and feather products

Our down and feather products can be washed in a gentle cycle with a high-water level and little drum movement. Best washed individually and at temperatures of up to 60 degrees. Pay attention to the washing symbol on the care label.
We recommend that you wash the down duvet every 1-2 years.

It is important that you use a pH-neutral liquid mild detergent. We recommend a washing programme with a spin cycle. Be sure to repeat this, as down and feathers absorb many times their own weight in water.

Always wash bedding separately and individually. Select temperature according to care symbols. From 40° to 60° C. Please note that duvets must never be treated with softener.

After washing, the down and feather products must be tumbled gently, preferably with the addition of a used (clean) tennis ball. This ensures that the down and feather contents are regularly shaken up in the tumbler during the drying process. Dryer temperature approx. 100° C.

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